ADAL SOLUTIONS provides thorough services in the areas of Computer Networking, Web Development, Computer Based Test (C. B. T.) deployment and Application Development for both android and windows.

ADAL SOLUTIONS creates an avenue for organizations to gain full control of Information Communication Technology (ICT) to increase efficiencies, advance effectiveness, and accomplish new goals. We are ever ready to work with our client in any major category of life – health, education, law, military, sport etc.

Our experienced staff will work closely with your organization to provide expertise, analysis, tools and monitoring that will help you solve your business challenges through ICT. And we help client harmonize the power of innovation on their digital transformation journey.


Allison Damilola

Allison Damilola is a very good web developer as well as content developer. His proficiency with Web Programming has enabled him to work with over 20 clients in designing a standard website that met the specifications of both the client and w3 consortium. He is very proficient with the development of applications with the use of C++, Java, JavaScript etc. He is currently the Chairman of ADAL Solutions.

Adeleye Adelowo

Adeleye Adelowo is a network engineer as well as computer engineer who has been helping many organizations in networking their computers using both LAN (ipv4 and ipv6) and WAN. He had given many lectures on computer networking at very various computer institutes. Couple with this, he is a good computer software and hardware engineer with website designing capability. He is the CEO of the company.