Computer Based Test

Our professionals are always on ground to help your organization create an avenue for deploying your assessment method online or offline. Your organization can start using computer to deploy your promotion tests, written interview test, assessment/performance test, questionnaires; institutions can also make use of this opportunity to assess their students.

One of the advantages of our C.B.T. is that results are quickly generated and can be viewed or distributed online.

Currently, we are partnering with many JAMB C.B.T. centres in Nigeria to maintain and manage their computers and the testimonies of our clients speak volume. You can click here to contact us.

Web Development

Our professionals web programmers and developers with the current web standard are ever ready to turn your business ideas into reality by helping you to develop a standard website that represents your business in the digital world. We also help our clients to maintain and manage their websites for proper updating and uploading as soon as possible.

Our websites are full of charming contents that communicate with the minds, trigger the senses and appeal to the emotions.

Our website development skills has labelled us one of the best web developers in the country. To contact us, click here. At ADAL SOLUTIONS, your ever presence online is guaranteed.

Computer Networking

A Computer Networking is one of best IT solutions a company can implement. A computer network allows several computers to communicate with one another by sharing files or resources.

Our professionals in the field of networking will help you to determine the best networking method (peer – peer or server -client) to adopt. Furthermore, Our networking model will provide (1) cost-effective resource sharing (2) flexibility in access (3) cut in costs on software (4) utility of centralized database (5) security of valuable information (6) improvement of storage efficiency and volume …

A broken or slow computer network is detrimental to the effective running of the business and thus cripple a business. Making sure that your computers are correctly networked (either with wire or wirelessly) for proper connectivity or permissions is what our professionals do best through our computer services. You can contact us by here.

Application Development

Applications help us to bring our idea to life and help us to communicate effortlessly all over the world. Our application building prowess has enabled us to assist organizations in solving many real-life problems which were previously found to be difficult.

We achieve our result by starting with analysis of the project at hand and use our expertise to achieve highest possible results. We help to build application from scratch or assist to modify the existing platform to achieve the desired result. Just inform us about the solution your organization is intending to solve and the features required and we start to work to achieve your desired results.

To contact us, click here.